Thursday, December 02, 2010

What Is "Seedy and Timely Redress of Grievances"?

This net wanderer, fond of circumnavigating the cyberspace was wandering, wandering, yesterday in the virtual world. The wanderer wanted the name of the information and broadcasting minister (I & B Minister, as the worthy is called. Was in a churlish mood and not ready to condone small infringements, being sleep deprived and all.

Imagine the wanderer's surprise when the worthy found the following on the ministry's website:

"Seedy and timely redressal of grievances by creating friendly environment."

"Seedy" hm could be overtly influenced by the current going ons. May be, happenstance it could be a mis-spelling of "Speedy"? Good. What seems isn't always so.

And what is "redressal"? My word processor throws up a angry red on the world. It's a revolting red. And it's oozing red on to the page. May be it is "redressing"? The government likes to use "redressal" quite a lot without referring to the dictionary.

Then the wanderer went to the home page. An image was blocking the entire front page, the navigation bar, the left bot and parts of the right bot (these are the strips that appear on the left and right of the page). The wanderer is positively infuriated by now. How can this be possible in the information and broadcasting website? No, not possible, he wanted to scream.

Surely, with e-governance and all, the ministry needs to take a re-look at its website, first of all. Scampering to see if "re-look" is a word. Yeah, it is. We, blogger, poor souls, have to be careful, you know.

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