Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Thoughts of a Feverish Mind - "Ayikotte"

A usual rush hour in train. Fatigued by work I sit reading "A House for Mr. Biswas." I am engrossed. My fellow passengers all look dazed and surprised to have survived another day. I wonder what it would be like to not have something like literature to make life interesting. I would consider it (meaning life) a wasted desert if there weren't any of these vividly portrayed characters of Trinidad. 

Such an individual, a man, was standing next to me in train and was talking in Malayalam. I am a keen observe of the little, little nuances of the language as it is my mother tongue. The compartment is a mix of various tongues spoken with their own lilt, accent, emphasis, stress on vowels, a bewildering array if you listen to all of them at the same time. Which is what I try to do. I like the lilt of North Indian languages and the stiff urgency of South Indian ones. I like languages and speak around six of them. I try to speak the mother tongue unless the person happens to look irritated with my pathetic efforts, or, laughs at my attempts. 

He said, his breath reeking of drinks, "ayikkotte" meaning "Let it be." He didn't say "Shari", or, "athe" or "haan." The term is new to me. I haven't heard "ayikotte" meaning "let it be" so far due to my being away from my mother land. I think it is a bit subversive, showing a cynical side of a person to say "let it be." A friend's wife said it when I called him and got her instead. I remember being insulted by the word. Times change. May be, I heard wrong. May be, it isn't a wrong expression in the context.  

But I don't know if this is the standard way Malayalis respond to each other. I may be out of touch. But pray tell, isn't it a bit too cynical and skeptical. For one who was born in a land where cynicism takes a new meaning, I couldn't but think deeply about it. I have sought answers, I win some lose some. Not a big deal.

I have always felt this. If journalism is literature in a hurry, then what is blogging? Of course, of course, it is journalism in a hurry. How dumb not to think about it.

Nira Radia's designation is given as "corporate communications consultant." She must be a disillusion lady these days. Many young people aspire to have such a job. Do they have any idea about the ethical issues involved? And by the extent of money involved its a very paying field. Don't they think fate could catch up with them? 

Ah, well, I am sleepy. Wake up tomorrow and think of something serious enough to write and not this drivel. ;)

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