Monday, December 13, 2010

Meera Shankar's Patting Experience in the U.S.

I don't know the full implications of Meera Shankar's pat down in a U.S. airport. But whatever happened to diplomatic immunity. The following may have been the conversation that took place there:

Security: Ma'm please this way, we need to pat you.

Meera: What pat, you want to pat me on the back and congratulate me? That's nice. Thanks for appreciating the thankless job I am doing. **smiles**

Security: we need to check if you are carrying any unwanted substance.

Meera: Oh! Don't you know I am the consul of India to the U.S.?

Security: Ma'm we need to check everybody, consul or Snoopy Dogg Dogg.

Meera: Who's Snoopy Dogg? You are comparing me to a Dogg? How awful.

Security: Internal procedure, ma'm, Snoopy is a rap musician and he wears much jewelry.

Meera: So you want to check my jewelry? I have diplomatic immunity, don't you know?

Security: That's exactly the point. The U.S. is so conscious about security after 9/11 that we need to check everyone, even consuls.

Meera: What nonsense, we had a 26/11 and still we don't check everyone at our airports. Barack Obama and Michele Obama came and we didn't pat them. Hillary Clinton came, we didn't pat her.

Security: Oh, that Obama guy, he happens to be our president. As for Hillary, I don't know who that is, we will still pat her if she came here.

Meera: (Thinks: this woman doesn't know who is Hillary Clinton, what he will remember a country called India. No use arguing.)

Meera: Okay, okay, but don't get too personal or I will file a complaint for sexual harassment. In our country we respect women and we don't pat them, wherever, except maybe in public places, that too, by accident.

Security: (After patting) Thanks ma'm for co-operating.

Meera: Well, did you find something, some substance hidden?

Security: Actually I was curious how you people wear your sari. You know I have heard so much about this wonderful garment. I want to wear one myself, so I was, kinda, exploring. Thanks ma'm.

Meera: Then you should have told me so. I would have taught you how to wear a Kancheepuram Silk Sari, a nine yard one.

Security: Now I am have second thoughts you know. I will never be able to hold them or carry them, you know. I admire your grace ma'm. Thank you again.

Meera: (Sniggering) I thought so. What do you know about India?

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