Thursday, December 30, 2010

Swimming in a Vast Sea of Moral Corruption

Sir, symbol chahiye. I want a symbol.

Kyon? Why?

We are organising an under-nineteen cricket tournament. So we need a symbol. Take a symbol from the net no?

But the symbols on the net are all copyrighted.

But, sir, nobody will notice. Kya jata hai. What goes of anybody's?

I detect ignorance of the net and its cardinal rules. People aren't aware of copyright issues. They think everything that is available on the net is free and gratis, because the net is in every street corner and in every home.

That's how they see the net. At least, in India. I think it's a part of the vast sea of moral corruption in which we are swimming like fin-less fishes. Just another case of moral anomie we are going through.

A boss once told me, "You don't have to go anywhere, everything is on the net, you just have to copy and paste." He gave my avowed profession, my passion, my vocation a bad name, which I am still fighting internal battles to dispel. Without success, I might add.

Arre, bhai, the net is not free. There are laws in cyber space and these laws are universally applicable.

So, in my humble advice mode (IMHAM) if you are organising a cricket tournament and you have another Sachin in the making playing in your tournament, learn to respect cyber laws.

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