Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thinking of Christmas on Boxing Day. Slum Removed.

Hung the star, bore the chills, hm, unusual for it to be so chilly in Bombay, sorry, New Bombay. The flu had left a mild aftertaste in its wake, the throat was dry, the cough was a constant reminder “be careful, or you will land up again on bed.”

Sniffle, sniffle....

The sum total, the ultimate result is that I spent two lovely days at home, eating cake, watching television, and wrote when I wanted to (as opposed to forcing me to write). There was no hurry. Today being Sunday (actually the Boxing Day) gave a bit of help to the legitimately poor and needy.

Also saw that the slum which I had complained about here, has finally been removed. Will post a photo tomorrow when I go there for a walk. Actually, it shows that if we take timely action slums can be eliminated. My timely action and that of my neighbours (I assume) rooted out this slum which was making a shaky beginning near Artist Village where I live. I observed that the inhabitants had turned the road into a bathroom and were drinking liquor openly sitting on the road. They used to be quite shameless about it. They used to dump garbage on a side of the road though there was a bin not 20 metres away from them. We can’t excuse their callousness and neglect when we pay tax to maintain our homes and environment.

Tomorrow, I have to go to work. Oh! Why did this blog have to remind me? Ugh! Getting up on chilly morning is not my cup of coffee, er, it is if I get my cup of coffee first thing on waking up. Which is difficult as the kitchen is on the ground level and I sleep on the floor above and I don’t want to trouble wifey.

It was never this cold in Bombay so far. There is heavy snow in Europe, there are floods in California, feel a bit sad about this unpredictable weather. Have we gone wrong somewhere? Went to a mall nearby and became sad seeing all the gadgets I can’t buy. Is there end to man’s need?

What am I doing? Coveting? When Christ said remove the eyes of the covetous. 

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Or an expensive yet very warm Helly Hansen coat would be nice.

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