Monday, September 21, 2009

Samuel Pepys, Blogger of Yore!

Just wandering on the net found this online diary of Samuel Pepys, the blogger (sort of!) of yore.

Pepys seems to be a very down-at-heels man though he hobnobbed with greats of the like of Oliver Cromwell going by this sample:

“Strange with what freedom and quantity I pissed this night, which I know not what to impute to but my oysters, unless the coldness of the night should cause it, for it was a sad rainy and tempestuous night. Soon as up I begun to have some pain in my bladder and belly, as usual, which made me go to dinner betimes, to fill my belly, and that did ease me, so as I did my business in the afternoon, in forwarding the settling of my house, very well. Betimes to bed, my wife also being all this day ill in the same manner. Troubled at my wife’s haire coming off so much. This day the Parliament met, and adjourned till Friday, when the King will be with them.”

See how he, in his quaint old English, talks of his piss, same as he talks of the “haire” coming off his wife. Seems hair fall was as big a problem in the 1660 as it is these days. Also, quite selfishly, I hope someone reads my blog four-hundred years from now, a la Samuel Pepys'. That's why I have kept it in the public domain!

And this article says India is among the top ten nations of blog creators.


Jai Joshi said...

That's so fun! I remembering studying about Samuel Pepys Diary at school.


ms said...

maybe his wife was suffering from slow arsenic poisoning! if forensic experts researched some of the old diaries, how many mysteries and crimes would be solved!