Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recession's Silver Lining

According to, recession may have had an unlikely silver lining. According to this article recession has resulted in low carbon dioxide emission. Excerpt:

“It may not exactly be a silver lining to the global recession, but greenhouse gas emissions have fallen sharply as a result of the world's current economic plight, according to a study by the International Energy Agency.

“The IEA found that the drop in carbon dioxide emissions over the last year will be larger than any drop in the past forty years, including the decline in 1981 that resulted from the oil crisis.”

Hat tips: Prem Panicker.


Neha said...

that is a nice research...this is the second post on recession I am reading this week...and there too I asked the same question and here too I would like to know that do you really think the whole world and each and every industry has suffered from this recession hit or you call it economic slowdown? well in my opinion, No.. because money cannot be destroyed...if it is going out from one industry, it is bound to go in some other loss is always a gain for the most of the industries just took an undue advantage of this recession and so many suffered

I know it is not relevant here, but still could not help but voicing out my opinion on the recession take.

John said...

hi neha,

of course it is relevant and thanks for the comment.


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