Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stray Vignettes from the Streets of Bombay

Seen on a tee-shirt:

In Peace and Strenght


Avery Time

No, it’s not my spelling goof up, but someone seemed to have mucked up the spelling of “strength” and “every” on the above tee-shirt. Who said “I am okay if the gist is conveyed?” I am sharpening my instruments for you and your tribe.

Seen on a Parsi medicine shop:

Parsi medicals will remain close for reno-vation.

“Ha reno-vation soo che?” I would like to ask the ancient Parsi lady banging away on her antique typewriter inside.

Also in the same Parsi Medicine Shop

“Swine flu preventive medicine available. Three times every day for five days only.”

Parsis have a way with words, I say.

At Victoria Terminus

The steel garbage bin chained to the pillar has been stolen. People still throw rubbish, spit against the pillar unmindful of the stink it is creating.

What about a replacement? Is one coming soon?

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