Friday, September 18, 2009


Pain. Of the many lyrics written about it Guns and Roses’ “November Rain” comes to mind:

When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
Darling when I hold you
I Just can’t feel the pain.”

Call me dumb idiot, pop vulgarian, whatever, I don’t mind because I am writing this in a state of pain that has lasted a few days. I lie supine, spread-eagled, twisted, curled, writhing with application of unguents creams and medications and still the back pain won’t go away.

Friend Gangadharan Menon suggested there’s no cure for it except to lie on the back on a hard bed (without mattress), legs close together, supported by a pillow just below the knees. I do this and get considerable relief. He has been through the ordeal and knows. Rest is what is needed and I hope to rest for a week.

Pain is eternal
I want to turn my back on my back pain.

Thanks friends for the support and understanding on facebook and other forums.


Neha said...

take care John...

ms said...

what is it? slipped disc? get well soon, am reminded of a long-forgotten poem (name of the poet?) that when we are in pain we can't remember being without it; and when we are well, we forget that we ever were suffering. some such thing - sorry, can't be more precise. catch up with you again.

John said...

neha, thanks.

ms, not a slipped disc, just did some yoga without supervision and one thing led to another.

I am back to normal now!

Thanks for your concern and your care!