Sunday, September 13, 2009

Corporate Types and "Mamma Mia"

Spent a Sunday at home after a long time. Yes, I should have time for myself sometimes, as the schedule gets tighter and tighter without any let up. The tensions of modern life add up and one needs to de-stress, as the corporate-types say. I am not yet a corporate type, at least, yet, I often feel like an intruder in their midst. They are in the midst of so much make believe and conning each other the legit way with arguments that one doesn’t know what the truth is. A top executive at a software company I worked for always keeps his arguments ready in case something goes wrong.

“Why was this not done on time?”

“The specs and purchase order were given late, the negotiations took time, besides there were technical glitches, the SQL servers weren’t ready. A key programmer took leave.”

All this without knowing what an SQL server is and knowing fully well the specs and purchase orders went within reasonable time. All lies delivered in amazingly composed manner, without a flicker of emotion.

Well that’s a corporate type I was speaking about. No, I am not one, not yet. I can’t be so glib.

Mamma Mia

Today I saw a movie after my heart. “ Mamma Mia” starring Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep led me into such a nostalgic nadir that I began crying listening to the ABBA numbers: Dancing Queen, Voule-Vous, Thank You for the Music, Waterloo, Mamma Mia, etc. the songs of my youth, crazy ABBA fan that I am. Many monsoons ago, I have seen ABBA the movie at least three times, and remember I was in love with both Agnetha and Annifrid and their melodious voices.

Well time and seasons pass; this beautiful story of a girl who doesn’t know who her real father is brought back a flood memories and it literally drowned me in nostalgia. Bittersweet nostalgia – that’s “Mamma Mia” with some good acting by Meryl Streep as the bohemian mother who can’t really remember who her daughter’s father is. Catch it on HBO.


Neha said...

I had become pretty nostalgic too today, reason was different though...went to mum's after quite sometime and whole family had lunch together...we were remembering those childhood days etc...

John said...

Hey Neha,

That's nice for a weekend. I am sure you had a great time.

if you are a fan of ABBA watch "Mamma Mia" you will go nostalgic all over again.

Thanks. Come again.