Thursday, September 10, 2009

Technology, the Monster, the Goblin, Works!

During various employment changes I have worked as a web content writer, technical writer, and search engine optimiser (it's food on the table and fire in the hearth, you see). Therefore, I can say (modesty be conveniently ignored) that I am not a technology goblin. No sir! So when it works I am the happiest of persons, as it did twice today.

x - x – x

Morning: as I was entraining this morning, I realised my pass had expired yesterday. Dang! I decided on my options: should I go ahead (not advisable considering they are checking more strictly these days), the ATM was a few kilometres away. If I go there I will be late to office and maybe lose half a day. Not a good option.

Anyway, I start walking and then I remember that withdrawal is possible from every bank ATM, so I walk to the bank nearest to me, just opposite CBD Belapur station. In goes the card, punch pin, I wait a nail-biting moment, whirr... clakety... clack... there’s my money. I pocket the cash, come back and purchase my pass and – hallelujah – I am in time for 8.52 a.m. train which will take me to the office in time.

x - x – x

Afternoon: today is the last day to pay my credit card due, or, they would levy a fine. So I go to the nearest ICICI bank ATM, that damn thing doesn't have a drop box. Then I go to Churchgate where I thought I had seen a drop box; but, that space has been usurped by a music shop. Desperate, I call Justdial for the address of the nearest ATM. The operator (must be one of those celestial beings) identifies me by name (imagine!), and asks me a few details. I give these and he SMSes me back the address of the nearest ATM. I go there and drop my credit card payment. It saved me a fine and a few minutes of walking about.

In both above cases technology worked. But don’t take that for granted, no, not even from me. Well, technology, when the monster is in its right mind, is a blessing. But when it doesn’t... gr....


Neha said...

well you were very fortunate today...churchgate citibank ATM near Eros was so unlucky for me...whenever I needed money, either the ATM didn't work or it swallowed my card (that happened twice), and I had to go to fountain most of the, I have changed my bank:)

John said...

Hi Neha,

Glad you changed your bank. It happens. All my experiences weren't good but somehow today it was good. Technology is great when it can be used correctly. But that's a big if.

Thanks for commenting. Do come back again!