Monday, September 07, 2009

Bombay's Own Bakers' Street - Dhobi Talao

The Parsi Dairy Farm in All Resplendent Glory (Note the Trademark Blue Colour)

Went to what is called Dawa Bazar around Dhobhi Talao to buy homeopathic medicine for a colleague and the Parsi Dairy Farm was nearby. So, out came the camera, focussed on the venerable institution and “click”, it went.

The Parsi Dairy Farm has been around as far I have been, and I have been hearing about its saccharine offerings since childhood. It is well-known for its halwas, barfis, rasmalai and what have you. On the way to it, we pass another institution – Kayani - which sells undoubtedly Bombay’s best brun maska.

Quite close is Sassanian, also famous for its cakes, another yummy eating place, now though showing the wear of years. Quite close is dark temptations, with its delightful pastries and cakes.

I would name the entire area “Bakers’ Street” or something going by the cakes and goodies on offer, or, for that matter “Cake Street” would do fine. The Parsis like their food and they cook it well, I mean, they use the best ingredients. Hats off to this enterprising community.


ms said...

give me solzhenitsyn's russia any day! even ian fleming's. the way the great bear crumbled into chaotic fragments - terrible. i must have been to so many bookfairs organised by the russians in the 70s and i still have a copy of pushkin's translated works. gorky park. then suddenly news footage of a russia in economic downturn with empty supermarket shelves, long queues of despondent, silent people. so the mafia is the next logical step. nothing is left untarnished by corruption anywhere in the world.

John said...

Hi ms,

Yeah Solzenitsyn's Russia was much better I guess. Even Tolstoy's.

Thanks for the comment!