Friday, April 20, 2007

The Online New Yorker - Drool Over it

For those who love the New Yorker and it's unique style of humor, fiction, poetry, and cartoons, here's the online version (The New Yorker Blog). I used to read it regularly at the David Sassoon Library, that quaint Gothic library at Kala Ghoda of which I am a member for life, or, life memeber as they like to call it. Alas, no more, as I don't work thereabouts anymore. I used to work in the adjacent building, i.e., in the Army and Navy Building (where Westside now is, there used to be a huge lobby, and stairs to the basement of what once used to be the Army and Navy Stores, ah, how I wish for old times) when I was editor of the Bombay Management Association. I would sneak down and spend entire afternoons poring over its pages, in those pre-internet era when life was a lot simpler.

So the online edition comes as a great relief. I didn't realize how much I missed the magazine till I chanced on this rather well designed website. So I can now hope to go back to mulling over their longish, almost novella length short stories, chuckle-able cartoons, poems, reviews, and what not. Take a look, there's enough stuff there to keep you occupied for entire days.

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