Friday, April 27, 2007

"November Rain"

I crowed here before about how much I love the guitar. That's also the reason why I like Guns and Roses, especially the guitar work of Slash their guitarist. Though I don't agree with some of the explicit lyrics of their songs, I like their music, it's my kind of music.

Listen if you can to this song by GnR, "November Rain." Lyrics are here. Unfortunately, in 1996, Slash had to resign from the group as Axl Rose, the lead singer and leader of the band declared that he could not work with him as he wanted to produce another rock album while he, Rose, wanted a new direction for the band.

I like the way the guitar chords rip through the song giving it that edgy feeling, the rumbling, tumbling, screeching, rolling feeling as if something is ripping inside one's guts, the queasy feeling one gets when one goes down a fast elevator. I was trying to sing "Novemeber Rain" in the bathroom today and the feeling of rain (which is yet to come) and water was, shall I say, exilerating.

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