Monday, April 23, 2007

My All New Blog!

It's time I raved about the new Blogger. Well, the changes I had done in the earlier version of Blogger had screwed up my functionalities and my blog could hardly be read on some browsers, especially Mozilla Firefox. Horror of horrors, it showed up as html code on Mozilla and I had to lose a lot of hits and visitors.

So when the new Blogger came along I began experimenting with it and would give up at the last minute without committing all the changes. This went on for a few days. Then I fully realized the full potential of the new blogger and what it meant to my blog. It has "Change Page Elements" that accepts anything from html/Java code to videos and such like.

And changing code or page elements is a dream! I can click on the spanner and hammer sign on my blog (if I am logged in) and change the code immediately. Besides I can choose font color, layout (I am using a stretch layout which I have wanted since don't know when) and play with fonts (I am using Courier for it's simplicity).

So, as they say, keep watching this space for a great blogging experience. Oh, do comment, please! I know you sweet people read this but don't comment. How sad! I need your comments to see how I am doing.

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