Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Abhishek-Aishwarya Wedding, and Lusty Lina

Two things on the front page of today's news sheets claim my immediate attention. The much written about Abhishek-Aishwarya wedding and Lusty Lina's escapades.

How is it that Abhishek (Amitabh Bachchan's son, if you don't already know) didn't shave on his wedding day? Is it plain laziness, a fashion, or merely ego. Shouldn't his parents have asked, no, dictated that he do the basic decent thing a man should do on the most important day of his life? If at all it is important, that is. The actor who wears women-style hair clips and doesn't shave is sending mixed messages to his fans and the entire world on his wedding day, don't you think? If it's ego my sage advice to this young man, you haven't been through the struggles your parents have been through, so don't be too flippant. Or, are you cultivating that look for a role that you are playing?

A broken hearted girl tried to commit suicide outside Bachchan's house. She claims Bachchan junior had already married her. Then where's the marriage certificate? Fans can get a bit hysterical, I know. Obsession is a manic, dangerous thing. Amitabh has had his share of such women, that too, I know. Nothing is a secret in the glamor industry, is it?

Now Lusty Lina Sinha (that's what the media calls her aside from such obvious names like "bed-educator"), is heart-breakingly beautiful, intelligent, well-raised, hardworking... no, God! how then can she be a sexual predator? At this point I stopped reading the paper for an unusually long time and imagined all sorts of nauseating things. Must confess my sins tomorrow in church.

That well-bred, intelligent women could be predators too, is news to me. I thought, disadvantaged men, scarred by too many rejections, dragged in the gutters of society's disapproval and belonging to the economically poor classes were the preadators who raped and molested women, leered at them, and did funny things to even minors. Lina is the exact opposite of all these, I mean she is beautiful, rich, accomplished and could have had a harem (or, a marem) full of men waiting for her to say the word. And, for almighty's sake, she's a woman! No wonder Americans are saying "Where was she when I was in school?" But only the traumatized know their trauma.

Her picture in the broadsheet had me drooling. She could have had any man she wanted, she just had to winkie wink. But she chose teenage minors to have sex with, boys just in the throes of getting facial hair. The gory details are here. Upto 18 years in jail, was she aware what she was up against, this beautiful woman gone bad? When she comes out what epithets would she face? Cradle snatcher? Predator? Cunning woman who performs cunnilingus on teenage boys? Urgh! Retch!


Cyberkitty said...

i suppose he did'nt shave so that nazar or evil eyes would'nt fall on him.

John said...


could be:)