Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cricket and The Mad Dog Show - The India Uncut Blog - India Uncut

I guess Amit Varma of India Uncut is right in calling Indian cricket a mad rabid dog with it's tail on fire. The fire is set by none other than the media, which he likens to a "gentleman," a cranky one, nevertheless. ReadIndia Uncut article

He further goes on to say, "It is a cliche that cricket and Bollywood are India’s two great passions, but perhaps there really is just one. The media presents cricket like Bollywood drama, not sport. There aren’t winners and losers, there are heroes and villains. If India wins a game, they have lifted the nation. If they lose, they are traitors. Every act is wilful." Couldn't agree more.

That's a straight-on-jaw sock for Indian cricket. Bravo, Amit! But one crucial difference, may I add? Fans of Bollywood don't die of a heart attack watching the match, and Bollywood heroes always win.


amit varma said...

Thanks John! Note that I'm not saying cricket and Bollywood are alike, just that the media treats them as the same. And people don't get heart attacks after watching Bollywood films because they get what they expect.

Geets said...

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter !