Thursday, January 05, 2012

Urban Shorts "Bright Lights" Book Launch. Do Come!

Above is the cover of Urban Shots "Bright Lights" being published by Grey Oaks.

Grey Oaks, the publisher, I must admit is serious about its book launches. It is launching it's Urban Shots series of anthologies with readings in five cities: Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi. The launch will be on the following day:

19 Jan 2012 - 7 pm, Landmark, Infiniti Mall, Andheri, Mumbai. A google map showing location of Infinity Mall is also above.

Do please come. My short story "Mr. PK Koshy's Daily Routine" is part of the "Bright Lights" collection. Your encouragement and patronage will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much, kind blog readers.

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gadgetworld said...

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Jane bhandari said...

John, wish we could come, but Andheri is a loooong way from Colaba!
Congrats on your story, why don't you email it or post on the caferati wall?

John P Matthew said...

Jane, thanks for the comment. I will post the story after it is published. However, you can buy the book, help with sales :)