Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Few Thoughts on a Sunday

Another Sunday and a few generalisations and thoughts, all my own work (as Behram Contractor used to say.).

In these times of flash mobs and surprise sales pitches, I don't know if a newspapers should only promote the events it is sponsoring. Well, okay, it's the marathon and nobody minds. But in the newspaper is some other health thing that clearly states that its an joint venture of the newspaper with another health service company. It was featured on the front page and I found it rather odd. It was also written by the company executive. I have been used to such oddities and have stuck with the newspaper for want of a better one. 

Aren't we diluting the newsworthiness of the opinions when so-and-so's column is sponsored by so-and-so brand and even the newspaper has an opinion of its own for everything. I think opinions are for readers to have and not for the media itself to make. It makes the newspaper into a colourful brochure and not into something of intellectual value. After all, what intellectual value can accrue to a newspaper if it doesn't have a literary page and no book reviews. I wonder.

Another thought is that music television has degenerated into a forum to humiliate and demoralise young people. How long can this go on? How can people take this crap, for how long? There's this small town girl crying to be let into the Roadies reality show and she says it's a stepping stone for her into fame, fortune and a Bollywood career. Come on, be real. Do you think you will become a Bollywood star with your thick accent and ordinary looks? 

And there's this baldie who shouts at contestants for no reason. He always shouts. It's his passion, his commitment, so it seems. He has made a big nakhra of his shouting for television and it seems they are all afraid of him and calls him "Sir." "You are a fraud" he tells one contestant on national television. 

The less said the better. So I rest my case.

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