Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pico Iyer on the Long Sentence

Here's Pico Iyer on the joys of the long sentence, writing in the LA Times:

"I'm using longer and longer sentences as a small protest against — and attempt to rescue any readers I might have from — the bombardment of the moment."

Further he adds:

"The short sentence is the domain of uninflected talk-radio rants and shouting heads on TV who feel that qualification or subtlety is an assault on their integrity (and not, as it truly is, integrity's greatest adornment)."

I mostly use short sentence as a mark of simplicity in my writing. I also get confused by long sentences the sort that is, "a gradual inner movement that progresses through four parallel clauses, each of which, though legato, suggests a slightly different take on things," according to Iyer.

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