Thursday, January 05, 2012

Encounter with another Blogger

Somebody asked me a few days ago, "You are that blogger, right?"

I said, "How do you know?" Do bloggers have some special look. Maybe, they have the the harassed, half-slept, pot-bellied, itchy-scalp-from-which-hair-has-been-scratched-out look. I hope I didn't look like an animal or something.

"I think I have read your blog."

"Which blog post?"

"I can't remember. All I remember is it was about this asskey thing."

"Asskey, what's that?"

"The ASCI."

"Oh, that, I see, I see." I knew because that post was a disaster. The thing I wanted to display horizontally came all vertical and unreadable. Also, I knew about the Bombay tendency to abbreviate. Everything is abbreviated. Dadabhoy Navroji Road is DN Road, Veer Nariman Road is VN Road, Mahatma Gandhi Road is MG Road, and of course Shivaji Terminus is ST.

See the description above, and I am thinking to myself, this guy is a blogger. He looks every part the profile of the blogger I limned above. Yeah, the harried look is there, the bulges from crouching on the keyboard is there, the rings under the eyes are there, the slumped shoulders are there. Exactly. Guy is a blogger.


"What do you blog about?"

"Teen angst. How teenagers can make de better world."

"What's it called?"

"F***ed Teens."

"Are you joking? Take it off you will run into obscenity problems, men." It was obvious he was a Goan or an East Indian so I added the "men."

"No, no, men, it's harmless. The word is spelt "Fcuked" so I don tink anyone will da mind. After all it is also about fashions, designer labels, men."

"But nevertheless, men, be safe."

"No, no. I am not to worry, men, like, like, all taken care, I know what I am doing." Yeah, all teens know what they are doing these days. They know more than you.

"So, men, like, how many visitors this blog of yours, getting, only?"

"Hardly ten."

"Oh!" I hope I made my disappointment clear.

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IndianaRonaldo said...

Good post. By the way, is it a Blogger or Wordpress blog? I really would like to visit. Do gimme the url.

John P Matthew said...

It's blogger.