Friday, January 06, 2012

Afflictions and All That Stuff

Was a bit under the weather, health-wise. Now it has passed I can say it here. I had Ascitis. With medicines it's under control. I had the same complaint three years ago and medication had cured it. Now it is on the way to recovery and I am feeling less bloated. Ah, the maladies one has to suffer! My stomach bloated so much that it started attracting people's attention. I felt so uncomfortable and became apprehensive that people are staring at me. I know people in India are ruthless starers. Something in their DNA. They don't think staring is bad and that the other person will mind, or, even hurt. You don't know what the other person is going through, and it's not compassionate. My condition was such that I thought it was a beer belly, a result of all the beer I used to quaff in my wasted years. (Not that I used to drink much, a beer in a week, or so.)  Those of you who drink, drink responsibly and not blindly. Don't test the amount of liquor you can hold. Test if your health will hold that much liquor.

So? Lesson learnt? Next time I see someone who is afflicted, I will not stare. What kept me going was first and foremost faith in my Lord and Saviour, blogging and social networking. Yes, I am a very spiritual person and religion comes first. I am thankful to that. So, I am recording it here for posterity.  

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