Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do You Understand These Acronyms?

Heard this one-sided conversation today in a crowded compartment: "You patch me, we will catch again in office and we will touch base." Guess he is a poet by his talk, rhyming words: patch, catch and touch. What is he meaning to say?

By the by, we are using acronyms like mad. Modern world will be totally unrecognisable to a 19th century visitor, methinks. What is PFA? It's "please find attached." What is FYI? It's "for your information." Do we have to go to all those lengths. I wonder why (IWW).

ROFLAMAO is commonly used. It means "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off." Really? Are you doing that when you write that acronym? Hardly. You would be sitting stooped and smirking like a computer-addicted, keyboard junkie. If we roll on the floor, all our kilos would complain, I am sure.

Come on, let's be clear, let's be simple, there used to be a time when people stopped and smelled the roses. Now we find plastic roses probably smeared with deodorant. **Gross**


Michael Hopkins said...

Hello Sir:

I don't have a clue what the "patch" means and I believe the "catch again" should be "catch up again".  To touch base is to meet and start a new conversation.

It appears that this person was not even very accomplished in the area of slang.

A poem?  I believe not.

I hope I was of some help,

John P Matthew said...

Mike, thanks, you certainly are a great help. Thanks for decoding it for me