Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Airplanes of the Future Would Look Like

Considering as one is afraid of ones mortality, Airbus' announcement of what its plane would look like in 2050 is of no concern. At least, to this blogger. Who bothers to live to be 90 or even fly an Airbus at that age? But one needs to keep others informed, so this post. Well, hm.

Well, so this is only of academic interest, could be, for the interest of posterity. But Airbus adds a rider which states, ""Such technologies are already being developed and, while they may not be seen in the exact same manner as in the Airbus Concept Plane and Cabin, some of them could feature in future Airbus aircraft programmes".

Hm, well, sort of, kind of, what will the world be then, I don't know. Would global warming have wiped off the ozone layer, I don't know. Would intelligent life be a possibility on earth, I don't know. That's a lot of "I don't knows."

Picture and link courtesy: The Economist.

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