Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Man Who Has Licence to Turn Down Steve Jobs' Offer

This is a classic. Look at his style, his verve, his dynamism that had women swooning in the aisles (of theatres I mean). Look at the classic style of the letterhead. Sean Connery is known to be the best James Bond that ever was. And he had no need for Steve Jobs' apple gizmos, though he loved Quartermaster's (Mr. Q in short) gadgets very much. And he had a certain thing for Ms. Moneypenny, but not for the filthy lucre (see picture).

When Indian stars are mooching and scrounging for endorsement deals here's a classy actor turning down, hold your breath, Steve Jobs himself. I just can't believe it. Even Steve Jobs has to face rejection. What a nice thought!

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