Monday, June 06, 2011

India as a Destination for Third World Labour

Work at home is progressing slowly, very slowly, I must say. The work was supposed to finish before rains, but deadlines have been missed. The digging goes on without any stop. Woke up in the morning to see a huge trench in front of house. Just when they had finished filling the trenches made a month ago. Dank!

My contractor is a Sri Lankan from Negombo. Now, Negombo and I have a connection. Negombo or the clear skies, the swaying palms, the golden beaches. On my way to work for a British multinational in Jeddah I lived a few days in Hotel Golden Sands in Negombo and loved the place. My plans to go back have not materialised, at least, so far.

"I lived there, I have done work, no, there, only. Close-close, is my house, no, just a few minutes. My people, all rich, well settled, foreign, Dubai, all places, they send me money. Brother-in-law, no, he sent me 2 lakh rupees, tell, go back to Sri Lanka, I don't go. I spend money here, I love it here, in India, beautiful country." The man who left Sri Lanka 25 years ago says. Problem is he loves India and I love Sri Lanka. And the workers he employ are Bangla Deshi. In fact by being an IT superpower and all, we have become the third world's preferred location for emigration. So there are Sri Lankans, Bangla Deshis, Nepalis, even Brazilians in New Bombay where I live. I don't mean any offense to these nations, but we are globalising gradually and people are migrating. Work-wise, they are better, too, in many ways. They are more disciplined and their work ethics is much better.

Combine this to their readyness to accept less than the official rate, they make excellent workers. My thought, not necessary that you, dear reader, should agree. Is this a world phenomena or is it a case in isolation?

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