Friday, June 24, 2011

Thought at Random, Wistfully Nostalgic

Short take today. Random thoughts written in haste. Guess, you can make out. My head is really hitting the keyboard and the hands refuse to co-operate. It could be that the tip of the nose did the writing judging by the style and syntax. Anyways, joking, only, no? Tired-shired, is so much becoming no? Had to release five ads to five publications today and it was totally energy sapping, what with the agency being new and all that. True, I don't like discussing working life here, but it gets in through the cracks, what to do. But I like the work, coming as I do from a publishing background. 

Decided I would write the obituary for Sunil K. Poolani who died recently. He was a friend and former colleague. It will appear here tomorrow. Wrote it, then edited it, and then edited it again. Though we had our differences, he didn't have to die. I wouldn't wish death on anyone. Brings one to the question of death. Death makes even the toughest man quiver like jelly. 

A man I had known for some time died when he was told he had a kidney condition. People die for the wrong reasons, unable to bear the burden of life. But if you take life as light as a flower bud, flowing with it and not disturbing the turbulence, then life can be one hell of an interesting place. I searched for a poem and here's what I found:

There are some flower's so sweet and pure, 
Flower's which we should all adore.
So sweet and strong they stand alone
So graceful have these flower's grown.

Hm. Must say it has some hidden meaning somewhere.