Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Social Media and Blogging Are Important These Days

And this article is for all those sceptics who are sceptical (no less!) about the importance of online social media and blogs for those sneering at why they are at all necessary. ICICI Bank could scotch rumours about a run on the bank because of the effective use of social media like Twitter and Facebook. Yay! And those wet-eared ignoramuses who call themselves branding experts have the gumption to disregard suggestions about social media. Hm. Be ignorant at your own risk.

"Tweets — and comments on social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut besides blogs — can also be (and are being) used as a tool to provide customer service, generate sales (taking leads by tracking tweets that are scouting for a product) or directly sell a brand. Thus, companies, banks, TV channels and even marketers and advertising agencies are seeing value in having a presence on micro-blogging and social networking sites."

Social media and blogs are here to stay and scoff at it at your own peril is what this blogger has to say. Communication has become personalised because traditional avenues of transmission of ideas are being looked at with suspicion. That's said on this blog. Because, alas, alack, we trust what we read on Twitter and Facebook more than in the newspapers.

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