Saturday, June 19, 2010

Serendipitypur – My New Blog

This is going to be short. The computer is cranky, needlessly asking for attention. Last rain, it buckled under and I had to spend a bomb to repair it and give it a new keyboard. This time the old lady is going off at will, seeking attention, the conceited one. Guess she is getting old, so the crankiness, which I can understand. Poor thing. She is old you know, the loyal beleaguered but still going strong kind, the sort of stuff good wives are made of.

I am typing this on my son's new twenty inch computer screen, which is wwwiiiiiidddddeeee. It's like penning a 70 mm movie script. By the way, I made a new blog on Wordpress, having read online that it has some new interfaces. So here's my new blog serendipitypur for your reading pleasure. I don't know if this is a good thing addressing a reader so directly. Amitabh does it, so does Shobhaa, both celebrity bloggers. I guess writing should strongly be a third person thing. Any writer addressing the reader directly is being indiscreet. What say? Any comments?

Heard this on the telly. A pretty young thing is saying to a young thing, a male, "Old is not gold for girls." Hm. Why not?

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