Monday, June 28, 2010

England’s Loss

I felt so sorry for England yesterday when they lost to Germany. Yes I did. They played well but, in spite of that, they lost. It happens in life also when you give everything and then lose. It's painful. I could feel the disappointment of the fans, the players – some of them crying so openly – the scenes are touching. I guess corporate life is a lot like football. Except that we don't get to shed tears so openly. Whatever happens happens so soon and then the next thing lands on our laps and we are scampering to get things done.

What's amazing about soccer is the speed at which it is played. Earlier it never used to be so fast and when it rained the field was a mess, all mud and slush. There was a special kind of joy in playing "mud football" as we called it. The players shoot from any angle and the speed and power of their shots can be judged in the close ups. They are extreme bodies playing an extreme game and I am touched that such toughened players, such well-toned and tough bodies can crumple on the ground and weep when they lose.

A lot of re-thinking on my novel is happening. I was thinking of abandoning it. It struck me that there's too much that remains to be done and I should devote my time to something that will get me out of a financial mess rather than devote time to something that may not succeed. This doubt has been a constant leit motif in my writing career. But then I think I should not be ungrateful to a profession that has nurtured me and gave me a profession.

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ms said...

people work because they have to, and write because they must. i now have three stories in various stages of completion and i keep going back to them, adding a few words whenever the mood is upon me! so, nurture your novel, it is like a child growing up, and you know we cannot speed up the growing up (however much we'd like to!!). i know why i haven't completed a story i began in 1993, i love going back to it and adding some more to it, like visiting an old friend, a treasured memory. you will succeed. when? only time will tell. till then, enjoy the experience of being creative!!