Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is Exclusivist Ideology the Answer?

This comes from Annie Zaidi, whose book Known Turf was released recently. I was there at the launch at Landmark, my first visit to this area of the city:

"If ordinary Muslims cannot find the courage to look within, to look at themselves and their own hatreds with clear eyes and not face up to their own endorsements of violence, they lose the moral right to seek protection from violence and discrimination."

Well expressed Annie. We sit and sponsor our own intolerance without thinking that intolerance could backlash on us. I have seen this same attitude among my own community members, those who endorse violence or extreme measures to the point of an exclusivist ideology. They need to understand that they need to be the sane voice of moderation in a fast globalizing world where misunderstandings abound and cleave people apart.

The stuff of good writing, extremely cerebral and insightful, Annie, I must say. I must now read her book.

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