Tuesday, June 15, 2010

About Amitabh

I am off for a two-day break in Amitabh's formerly-owned bungalow in CBD Belapur. The bungalow has now been bought and converted into a training centre and I will be training here for tonight and tomorrow.

While on the subject of Amitabh (who happens to be an obsession, fellow blogger that he is, my ambition is to meet him), in this post he is emotional in his outburst about the several charges leveled against him in the Barabanki, Bofors and other scams.

Why do we trouble our good men? Amitabh has been a paragon of suavity, grace, and good manners. People have troubled him and he has taken it all with grace. Of course, I was a bit angry about him marrying Jaya because I remember having a crush on her after seeing movies like Guddi, Mili, Anamika, et al. But that can't be helped. Can it?

Amitabh is just one of our living icons, a man who has gone through enough, and I am proud to sleep tonight in a bungalow he must have inhabited. Feels good.


chandna said...

I never knew your secret crush before :) How r u doing?

ms said...

hi john, i can understand your fascination with Mr B and i can even imagine your awe and happy anticipation regarding your stay at his former abode (i felt the same way about staying at this small boutique motel in wolverhampton where sir walter raleigh had stayed briefly:they had his pipe, hand drawn maps, his diary and some favourite novels) but i will never understand his claim to greatness. going by his acting, he had a few convincing moments in some obscure films (parwana, saudagar, anand, bandhe haath, saat hindustani) all else is just hamming. ditto Mrs B, flash in the pan, wot? i can still cringe when i recall her woodden performance in silsila and kabhi khushi kabhi gham (one of the reasons why hema malini was the wife in baaghbaan!!). but i admire your heroworship of your icon. such fervour and sincerity is wonderful to see.

John said...

Chandana, hehe, it's an old schoolboy crush, nothing serious.

MS, however having been weaned on Amitabh movies, I still am a big fan. thanks.