Thursday, February 05, 2009

Awards Are Sham, So Says Shobhaa!

I am a great fan of movie awards, all the glitz, glory and razzmatazz have me up till the wee hours catching a glimpse of my fave actors and actresses. And then I had to read this by Shobhaa De, and if Shobhaa writes it, it has to have substance, for she is a writer close to my heart and mind. And this is what she writes in her latest blog about the sham of awards.

All awards are essentially bogus. That’s the horrible truth. I should know. I have been on several juries and what do you know, even received the odd award . Most of them fully faltoo . Which is why I can say this authoritatively - I don’t know of a single award that is either fair or free. Genuine and legitimate. Strings attached?? You bet. It’s a toss up between manipulation and money – you need one or the other (both, preferably), to make those lists...

Don’t even ask about film awards – those depend on heavy duty ‘setting’ (how I love that word!). These days, with a film award happening on a weekly basis, the matter has been further simplified – the actor who shows up at the function gets the award – baat khatam. A no- show automatically means no award. Got it, bro?? Categories? Not an issue – those can always be created at the nth moment. Nobody cares, so long as there is a star on stage and a statuette to take home. Sometimes, actors are required to sing and dance for their supper, err, award. Actors who perform at these shows are ‘guaranteed’ an award – provided they dance for free, or reduce their killer rates. If they are also sporting enough to keep the organisers’ beds warm, that’s a bonus. No pain, no gain – that’s the Bollywood mantra. Merit, talent and other incidentals - well, such traditional attributes are add-ons.


A_N_Nanda said...

Yeah, I too have read that long-winded ramble of madam De in her blog. The best I can comment on that is awards are necessary evils. They demand willing suspension of disbelief, more than the stunts of Bollywood movies do. But then again, they essentially encourage newbies. Stalwarts like madam De might find it useless. (I've no hesitation in treating her as a movie star!)

Thanks, John.


John said...

Hi Mr Nanda,

I visited your blog.You write well. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Do keep in touch.