Monday, February 16, 2009

The Creative Process, According to Shekhar Kapoor

Shekhar Kapur (he of Masoom, Elizabeth and Mr. India fame, need I say?), of whose blog writings I am a great admirer, has written the following about the creative process, which I find elevating, nay, epiphanic.

"Paulo Coelho and I were looking at creativity from different points of view. I have a fairly spiritualistic view of creativity - which defines creativity as moments of harmony with a universe that is at constant creative play or Leela."

In reply I wrote on his Facebook Page:

"I too look at creativity as a divine or spiritual process. Epiphany strikes, there's a revelation, a story, a poem, a play, a song is born. What we need are several such epiphanies to strike at once for a full scale movie, a novel or an epic."

John Lennon also said something similar about the creative process. A poem, a short story, a novel is already there, all you need is to discover it through a process similar to prayer, meditation, and devotional singing.

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