Tuesday, February 17, 2009

click "Forward" and Be Read

I know what's wrong, we ar so inured to mediocrity and to reading stolen material forwarded on the internet that we don't know what's an orginal thought, an original idea anymore. So it seems to me!

"Aaah, what forwards he sends no, my God!, such lovely forwards..."

Hmmmmmphhhhh! Oh, God! Have we descended into the absolute nadir of a literary, creative consciousness here?

And, poor us, struggling litterateurs, we would have loved to hear it thusly:

"What what cerebral poems he writes, what excellent soul-restoring stories, what a thought-altering article..."

Oh! misery! I feel like tying a rope around my neck and hanging myself on the next lamppost. "His forwards are all so nice and humourous, he is like Raju Srivastava" is a comment I recently heard about a guy who sends inane forwards and doesn't write a word of comment, criticism, even a miserly "how are you?" with his forwards. It's all "Wham, bham, click, and forward for him! Raju Srivastava? Is he some big and renowned writer? What have we writers, creative writers (farters) at that, have done to deserve all this? Isn't there at least an intellectual pretension in us? It is prevalent even in Mallus (to which community I belong) who are (like Bongs) culturally and literarily involved.

Srivastava, instead is a comedian who came on "The Great Indian Laughter challenge" and now performs in shows where he laughs at his own jokes. He is a favourite of mine though.

En Passant...

"Setting" is a word I hear mostly these days. I don't know about the rest of India, but I am talking of Bombay. "He has a lot of setting, he is an expert in setting, we have to do some setting, so on and so forth..."

What "setting" means is "bribe", "enticement", "filthy lucre", ad nauseum!


Pragya said...

Well said! I cannot stand being forwarded anything!


John said...

HI Pragya,

I do read forwards, but I think if the forwards are preceded by some comment it would be much more readable.

Thanks for commenting!