Monday, February 16, 2009

Nandu Bhende Rocks Kala Ghoda!

(Nandu Bhende is a wonderful mix of stage presence and showmanship on stage, he had the audience begging for more. Here he is seen singing and performing while his band members give support. The lady to the right of me recording the show is his wife Usha Bhende.)

Nandu Bhende is always on my list of top rockers of the city, and indeed, the country. He belted out some songs that made my eyes mist and took me back several decades to the sixties and seventies (remember Elvis, Beatles, Doors, BeeGees, The Who, Elton John, etc.), to which I often repair to mull over how utopian those times were and go misty eyed by those familiar beats and rhythms. And it was "Come together" and "Five to One" at Kala Ghoda yesterday. We remember the past through the songs and books we read, don't we? Much the same we we remember the times gone by, by the spirit of its music, dance, literature, heroes and the effect it had on us.

Nostalgic, amn't I?

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