Thursday, February 05, 2009

This Blog Has Crossed the 1000 Post Mark, this Blog Is Five Years and Five Months Old!

Another milestone crossed, another goal achieved. This blog has crossed the 1000 post mark and I am now five years and five months old. What was a mere fancy is occupying a lot of my time and attention and not a day passes without me agonising over what I should write on this space. I don’t know if anyone has crossed the 1000 post mark yet in India, but definitely I am one of the first to start blogging, well, that was much before Amitabh, MJ Akbar, Shah Rukh, Aamir, Shobhaa, etc. started learning the blogging craft. So with a genuflection towards modesty, shall I, ladies and gentlemen, claim to be the earliest (I won’t say “oldest” for obvious greying and balding reasons) blogger in India. I certainly am also the most prolific. I post daily.

(click on picture to enlarge)

My blog shows up in number one position on a search of “writer poet” on the internet (try it on google and see for yourselves). See picture above. And the funny thing is I blog from everywhere including crowded train compartments, outdoor locales, and my gprs enabled mobile phone allows me to post pictures too from anywhere. I have done a live blog on the “terror attack” on November 26 for which search for the term “Bombay under siege” on my blog or on Google, it shows up on the very first page.

And there are miles to go before I sleep....