Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Hurt in the Heart Has Started Showing on the Face

I attended some of the Urdu poetry reading sessions in the Kala Ghoda festival and came away impressed. Urdu is a really rich language and the “jubaani” is very rich and full of imagery.

One writer speaking against terrorism said “unlog aag lagatey jayenge, aur hum aag bujhate jayenge.” “If they go on lighting fires, we will go on putting them out.” The discussion was “Dashatgardi Ke Khilaf Urdu Ki Avaaz” and all the writers condemned terrorism and fundamentalism. I wonder why such moderates aren’t called to express their opinions on television when the terror attacks occurred. (I wonder why Indian television is so poorly organised when it comes to finding experts who can comment on issues. We only see the viewpoint of the anchor and the reporters, nothing else. Can we do something about it NDTV, India Television, Zee, Star, etc.?)

I think there’s a large section of the Muslim population who are against “terrorism” and “revenge by proxy” that the marauders from abroad wanted to propagate with the attack. Why aren’t their words heard? Who will throw some light on the fact that of the fifty-four who died at VT station around 29 were Muslims?

Another sher that was recited in the meet was “Aaine ke samne jaane se khatrane lagey/ Dil ke zakam chehre pe dikhne lagey”

Wah! Wah! Is all I can say. Translated it means:

“I have grown scared of going before the mirror/ The hurt in the heart has begun showing on the face.”

Isn’t that beautifully expressed?


nishaa said...
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A_N_Nanda said...

Hi John,
I agree there are overwhelmingly large section of people in India irrespective of their religious leanings that abhor terrorism. But here is a section that you are talking of that has a heart of gold. Yeah, poets are basically peace-lovers.