Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zigzackly is Back!

Writes Peter alias Zigzackly about his recent heart attack:

"...I got a bonus life.

"I have no business being here, actually. Providence, sheer dumb luck, call it what you will, fact is that if one was going to have a 95% blocked artery leading to a massive heart attack that left one, for a while, with a heart functioning at about 45% efficiency, the only way one could have planned it better would have been to go check into the ICCU, get tucked under the blankets and then let 'er rip.

"Even so, I pulled through this only thanks to enormous amounts of help of various kinds from not just close friends but even from folks I don't really know all that well, some that I've never met in the flesh.

"Many friends want to know exactly what happened, and how I am now, and so on. This post attempts to answer some of those questions."

He is recovering and has started I wish him godspeed!

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