Saturday, June 28, 2008

Morning Musings; Morning Raga, Whatever, but I Am Feeling Grumpy!

The markets are falling. It’s all coming down. From 20,000 to 13,000 is a steep fall by any standards (53 per cent). Oil prices are rising. Panic buttons have been pressed. Companies are cutting down on a lot of things. Pandemonium is just a few steps away. No fresh recruitments, no nice bonuses and perks, no parties, no free goodies. And prices are rising, remember price rise affect you and me while market falling affects the billionaires among us. How does it affect my life? Wifey tells me that not only have vegetables and fruits become expensive they are disappearing from shelves fast. Today’s paper says there’s going to be power and water cuts.


And the government is hanging on to its power, though the constituents of the UPA are fighting. Stubborn old fogeys, all of them are beyond their sixties, and am sure have diabetes. Look at that doddering old idiot with his mouth open, talking. The oil producers who met in Jeddah to discuss oil prices have achieved nothing. (Oh! Jeddah how I love your streets, Balad and Sharafiya and Khozham Palace, how I loved to just wander around in your malls, your wide open spaces, while Andheri, where I now work, stinks to kingdom come.) Our own Chiddu was there, don’t know for what. A few days back I spent some thirty minutes to get to my office from Andheri station, the street was so full of vehicles, all at cross purposes, honking away, polluting, as the traffic system had failed totally.

Some chick singer Duffy is singing, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am begging you for mercy….” on television.

And Bill Gates is quitting Microsoft. Remember, I said it here. Well, almost. The guy who said his dream was to put a personal computer in all homes (by that he means a PC with Microsoft software) wants to quit, it’s getting too hot to handle. The nerd is leaving his company to the hordes. Steve Ballmer is the guy of the moment, he is a drone who eats quarterly results for breakfast.

Mumble! Grumble! Rumble!

Shobha De enjoys blogging! She says blogging is addictive.

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