Friday, June 13, 2008

Trousers Creased at the Sides

Trousers ironed with the crease at the sides (instead of in the centre) make even the smartest man appear like a village yokel just rolled out of bed after a particularly bad binge in the night. Wonder why it’s a range among young people these days.

As you must have guessed I absolutely HATE trousers creased on the sides instead of in the centre. Awful.

I saw this guy today; well dressed by all accounts, clean shaven, wearing a tie, a good physique, all in all, good-looking executive material of some multinational. Then my eyes travelled down to his trousers. Holy cow! It was ironed with the crease on the sides, instead of in the centre. There goes my esteem of this guy, the ignoramus. I could catch him by his neck and throttle him. Doesn’t he know that trousers are creased in the centre and not on the sides, the idiot?

My dhobhi (washerman) brought my trousers creased on the sides the other day and, cool guy that I am, completely lost my head and shouted at him. I blasted him so badly, the poor guy looked befuddled. He couldn’t understand what it was all about, this creasing at the sides or at the centre. I made him take it back and crease it in the centre and bring it back, the good-for-nothing.

What’s the difference between trousers creased in the centre and at the side. There’s a great big chasm of a difference. A chasm that only a generation that has lived in more gentler times, who valued tradition and culture would understand. What culture you ask?

The culture of formal wear, the culture of respect for elders, the culture of being gallant towards women, the culture of sensitivity to the needs of others, etc. I could go on….

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