Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lady Catches Thief in the Act! What about Morality?

Read this story about a brave lady who caught a thief in his act. Seems she has a knack for catching thieves while they are mighty busy deciding what to shove into their cloth. What’s amazing is that the thief remained unrepentant and said it’s not his mistake and that, on the other hand, it was hers as she had left her car unlocked.


And an airline employee actually told her niece not to bother reporting it to the police and she didn’t.

Seems we, in our over-zealousness, are out to guard the thieves against punishment. Have we become so cynical and world weary? What sort of a system have we created? Where’s the long arm of the law that is supposed to stop theft, where is the morality, where’s the airport security? Where? What?

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