Friday, June 27, 2008

Bill Gates Shutting His Gate at Microsoft?

"After a two-year transition," says this article in Economist, "Bill Gates prepared to step down from the day-to-day running of Microsoft, which he founded in 1975. He remains chairman and will be involved in some projects along with the company’s chief executive, Steve Ballmer. The bulk of Mr Gates’s time will now be devoted to his foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates' Foundation, the world’s richest philanthropic institution.

"To understand what that means, and the difficulties it poses Microsoft, start with the idea that computing is undergoing one of its great periodic shifts. In its early days, most computing took place on mainframes. Ever-falling costs led computing to shatter—first into minicomputers, then into personal computers (PCs) and, more recently, hand-held devices. Now communications is catching up with hardware and software and, thanks to cheap broadband and wireless access, the industry is witnessing a pull back to the middle. This is leading much computing to migrate back into huge data centres. Networks of these computing plants form “computing clouds”—vast, amorphous, delocalised nebulae of processing power and storage."

Now, now, if Bill Gates needs a holiday from work, we poor suffering humanity needs it too. This is what my friend Anthonybhai says, "What men, Bill Gates-Vill Gates, I know the bugger made lots of money, in fact, it must be rotting in in his attic, this fellow's. Now what he will do with all that money, men, he should give it to us, no? What friggin shit, men, he leaving the company when that other company, Goggle, somethin, snapping at his bloody heels, imagine. No bloody himmat this bugger has got, re!

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mysticarni said...

This has been some very interesting news in recent times ;D Somehow I never get bored reading about Bill Gates