Saturday, June 14, 2008

Colaba Goes Without Water!

Says Shekhar Kapur in this post on his blog":

"My assistant went out and shot a little video in Colaba, in Mumbai. There's no water in the taps in this area. It is served by Water Tankers, that come once a day if you are very lucky, and you queue up for hours to get water. A few burly guys are pushing and pulling people, bossing them around - (and they have a kind of a barricade for the tanker that is carrying water) - I'm not sure who those guys are. They certainly don't look like government employees to me. They look like local goons."

What? The posh area where celebrities like the Ambani brothers, Ratan Tata, Sobha De live is facing water problems? I can't believe it. A couple of politicians also live in the area, and if they can't do anything to ensure that their children and missus can't have a bath in the morning, I have grave doubts about their ability to govern over me. So now they know what it feel like to stand in a queue for water in the slums of Dharavi.

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