Thursday, November 22, 2007

Uses and Abuses of the Word "Ass"

I am feeling a bit churlish today, so a light note on the abusage of Hindi, my national language. More refined readers of this blog may please read thus far and move on to other posts below.

I concede with head bowed and a diffident smirk that the “ass” is the most abused word in the world. In English I don’t know any insults except the following:


Nice Ass (which is praise not an insult)

Ass Licker

Ass Kisser

But Hindi is a more potent language for insults and invective, and the following are some of the profanities that come to mind:

Gand masti – mischief

Gand ungli – to do "gand ungli" means to disrupt something, or throw a spanner in the works

Gand fati – to be afraid of something

Gand pe lath – to be rejected by some one, especially a girl

Gand mein lxxx – too profane for this blog

Gandu – too profane for this blog

Gand mein charbi – to be rash and take too many risks

Gand mein keeda – same as above

I know there are more, which I am not aware of. Do leave a comment. In fact, any and every insult in Hindi begins and ends with Gand (no pun intended).

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Anonymous said...

gaand phad - difficult to very difficult