Friday, November 16, 2007


They say the Hindi movie Saawariya is not doing well. I would definitely want to see it doing well, for a reason. It stars children of two Chembur boys – Rishi Kapoor and Anil Kapoor, who are cousins. Anil Kapoor’s father Surinder was Raj Kapoor’s cousin. Anil and I used to live in the same locality (Tilak Nagar, Chembur, where we grew up) and my friends were his class-mates. So when Anil made it big in films we were all proud that one of us has made it big. Rishi Kapoor also lived in Chembur at that time as RK Studios was situated there.

Many are the hours I and my friend Saswata Deb would spend outside RK Studio, Chembur. Babua, as I would call Saswata, nurtured dreams of stardom and, I was quite amused to learn that the purpose of hanging around the studio was to see if he would be picked up by some director, he was quite okay looking too! High hopes, but that was the stuff that teenage dreams are made of. Now Babua has abandoned his dreams of stardom and runs a successful coaching class in Chembur. Again, I can’t avoid the irony if it all, as I was the one who had coached Babua in chemistry and physics, at one time. Well, life is strange, especially when one looks back at it from the great distance of age.

I digress, apologies. Now when Anil’s daughter Sonam and Rishi’s son Ranbir (they are actually cousins) were paired in Saawariya, my heart went out to them as I am a big fan of all three parents – Rishi, Anil and Neetu. I haven’t gotten around to seeing Sawariya, but I will. Expect me to review it in my reviews blog.

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