Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pliss, pliss Don’t Call Sanjay "Sanjay-baba"

I love to take digs at the electronic media. Well, why shouldn’t I? They are the ones who put a lot of small magazines (such as the one I was working for) out of business, and made me into a mere content writer. So here’s the gripe, which as readers of these lines will testify is endless. Check my other blogposts.

I think Aaaj Tak should stop calling Sanjay Dutt, Sanjay-baba. Yes, they did the offensive thing yesterday, that too, in the news. Editors of Aaaj Tak pliss to note: Baba is an affectionate form of address, used in Bombay and thereabouts for a small child, which term is said out of affection. No way am I going to accept him as a Baba, anymore. No offense, Sanjay, considering I like you as an actor and you and I are almost of the same age, and nobody calls me Baba. Editor-saab, he is well past the age of being called baba, in fact, Shahid Kapoor who is the baby of the brat pack isn’t called baba, then why should Sanjay be, please explain.

Sanjay is a convicted felon and a father of a grown up girl. All of which would place him squarely, I think, out of the purview of baba-dom. हैं न? So why this mollycoddling? I would give more credit to electronic channels if they refrained from being too personal with the people about whom they report. Whatever happened to objectivity in journalism?

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