Friday, November 16, 2007

Cyclone Sidr: Blogger experiences and reactions

The cyclone Sidr has hit the coast of nearby Bangla Desh. I saw the devastation on television today, as I was having breakfast. Trees weaving dangerously in the rain over submerged streets, the rain lashing relentlessly, streets deserted, and the skies grey and filled with clouds. The following is an account by a blogger who typed the post in the weak light of his laptop battery. Guess, cyclones, tsunamis and deluges are here to stay Cyclone Sidr: Blogger experiences and reactions, excerpt:

"It felt like something out of a movie. I was in a car on the way home - it was fifteen minutes to midnight. There wasn’t a soul on the street and the only sounds you could hear were the rain beating down on the streets, the noise of the wind, and the car’s engine. It was pitch black too - every home, apartment, and building as far as the eye could see had no electricity. Then - all of a sudden - a blinding bright light and a roar erupts right next to the car - just outside of my side of the car. My window then gets showered in glowing sparks. I wasn’t in any danger - it was just a transformer exploding. But, for the first time in this whole time in Bangladesh - I was scared… I’m writing this on my battery’s laptop power. The glow of the screen is the only thing that is lighting up this room. Now, this isn’t the first time there’s been a blackout - but this time it’s different. This isn’t the first time its rained - but this it’s different. It’s different because, this time it’s caused by Cyclone Sidr."

Read the full account on the blog. It's touching!


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