Thursday, February 01, 2007

This Is the CCD Restaurant from Where I Blogged in Delhi

Some fallout of the blogposts from Delhi. I am so terribly sorry for those observations that have caused hurt, for those people who got hounded for Turkish tea, for those people whose new looks were noticed, etc. Prostrations of apologies, bows of obsequiousness, trembling contriteness, and all that. But then, what the heck, I wrote what I wrote.

One friend had a steady stream of visitors who wanted to drink her Turkish tea, thanks to my post. She has promised to bring a crateful of it next time.

Another friend was literally blackmailed with the allegation that she was being partial to me. God! How can this be? Can people be so petty and cribbing? In all my forty-eight years in this world, I have never come across something so peurile. God help me!

Another friend's new hairstyle was noticed on my picture blog.

Okay, okay, enough said and written, I hope I am still in you people's good books to enjoy your friendship next time. I will love you my dear friends, always, you are such sweet people.

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