Friday, February 16, 2007

Power cuts! Power Cuts!

Power cuts, power cuts, in Vashi information technology park (picture above, now I just get off the train climb the stair, or, elevator, or, whatever it is that goes up and comes down, and am in my office, cool, isn't it?) where I work! Can you believe it? I thought we were exempt, the elite bread and butter earners of the economy, the spoiled brats, the thick-in-the-head-with-ego numbskulls who milk the outsourcing holy cow! Whew!

Yes the technology park where I work has four hours of power cut. So when I came to office after bathing, dressing and shaving in the dark (my face has a patchy look, my shaving is done in the dark, you see, pretty young thing), I see a dark office, and some face in the gloaming of early morning tells me there is going to be four hours of power cut today. Four hours of power cut in a software technology park? You must be kidding, right? No, not kidding at all, says the hazy face in the indistinct shadows. So that adds up to eight hours of power cut for me, four hours at home and four hours in the office. I guess I am powerless.

Sorry for the bad pun, and all that. Couldn't resist. Alas, I don't know what it is to wake up to a wan light of a fluorescent tube anymore. What I see is poor wifey making my lunch in the light of a candle. Poor thing! Life is tough isn't it?

Well, blame it on that monster the state-owned electricity board. It distributes power like it is it's father's business. A slum which has political patronage gets free power around my locality, power is stolen by all and sundry and it's we who pay. My bill runs to around a thousand hard-earned rupees. I guess India will have a heavy price to pay for these power cuts. What with production losses and stoppages of work.
And what about buying some expensive power? Yes, we are willing to pay. After all, can beggars be losers?

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